Sundae Memories

My Favorite Ice Cream Sundae
 As I was making vanilla ice cream today, I was thinking about the soda counter in our favorite drug store when we were growing up. I was always the skinny one of the family so could eat to my hearts content with out getting fat.
  We had to walk by the drug store on our way home from school every day so guess where my allowance got spent! 
  Yes, ice cream was my weakness, still is I guess. Mr Dangers, the owner, made a two scoop, vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce and salted redskin peanuts sundae that I could not pass up! He always had great flavors of popsicles in the summer. A different flavor every summer, one year they were banana and another summer peach. My favorite though was the root beer ones. We would break them in two and share with each other. Of course, we would always come home sticky, but happy.
A favorite Saturday Hangout
  As teenagers we would frequent the other drug store in town that also had a soda fountain. There, ice cream sundaes were not as good but they let us read the comic books with out buying them. Sue and I had a impressive collection of comics, sure wish we had some of them now.
  Did you have a favorite ice cream fountain to stop at? Now that I have made myself hungry, I am going to make a chocolate syrup, peanut sundae and eat it all myself.


  1. I loved Wilson Drugstore in downtown Waterloo in the 50's and 60's. They made a cherry coke drink that I can still taste to this day when I try hard. It was unlike anything I have ever tasted since then!

  2. Growing up in Illinois in a town a little too big (50,000) to have a close-by, neighborhood soda fountain, I missed out on that. But my mom always had popsicles as a treat on the front porch during the hot, hot summer nights. (We did have a nearby Dairy Queen, though, where we went for special ice cream treats.)

  3. Bettie said that growing up in Tulsa she didn't have a neighborhood soda fountain either, but she had a ice cream truck on her street!

  4. We had "The Confectionary". It served hamburgers and fries, sodas, malts and sundaes at the counter and four or five tables that sat in the windows. In the back was a penny candy counter, and in back of that, sundries for sale. They let people have "tabs". I was in Catholic school across the street, and once in a VERY great while, we were allowed (my sister and I) to eat at the Confectionary for lunch, with a hamburger for a dime.

    MAYBE twice a school year. On Sunday after church, we could run the block to it, and spend our ten cents allowance on Candy, IF we got black licorice for our mom.

    Sadly, the building, whose owners lived above it, has been razed. What fond memories we had.

  5. Memories, oh boy!! If you all lived in my neck of woods, I'd be your soda jerk. My favorites were making flavored phosphates and ice cream sodas. Cherry, of course. Then came the cherry cokes. And, I can't allow you to read the mags with a drink in your hand. "Left a nickel for a Hersey's bar on the counter. " states a customer on his way out the door, as I'm too busy making sodas for the after school crowd. Fun times!! Of course, the soda fountain is gone now at the drug store where I worked for 9 months before starting college.

  6. My Grandpa owened a shop with a soda fountain, well before my time. I wish there were pictures of the place, but unfortunately we haven't come across any.

  7. In the late '50s when I was in high school in a small town of 700, during lunch break some of us would walk from school to the drug store, which was maybe 4 blocks. There was a small soda fountain there, and the owner had a hot fudge sundae special. It came in a small Coke glass for 5 cents! That would often be our lunch. You know, teenagers! Hot fudge sundaes are still my very favorite. The sundae you pictured at the top, along with description made me immediately think about the peanut buster parfait that DQ sells, another one of my favorites.

  8. I just found this blog and enjoyed your memory series :)

    My uncle had a drugstore with a soda fountain! :)

  9. Hi, Deb, Welcome to our blog. Weren't soda fountains fun? Sure wish I had one to go to now. Our coffee shop has some ice cream and ice cream sodas and sundaes, but it just isn't the same.

  10. My mother worked at Bridgeman's Ice Cream Parlor in St.Paul in the 50s...I was fortunate to enjoy it when I was a girl, and my favorite was the hot fudge sundae! They are no longer in business, sadly.

    1. Yes, we visited a Bridgeman's near the campus regularly when I interned at the University of Minn. hospitals...a favorite spot.
      Loved those long counters!

  11. There was a Bridgemans Ice Cream Parlor in Duluth Minn. when we lived on Lake Superior. We usually stopped there when we went to Duluth.
    Great ice cream.


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