Well, the holidays are over, and Myrna and I have decided we’re cleaning up and then taking a break this year from blogging on Saturdays. 
We have reviewed LOTS of cookbooks, and are still addicted to them, but we’ve found we don’t want to be confined to only using recipes from sources where we’ve been able to glean at least a week’s worth of recipes we both want to make.
Thankfully, we only occasionally want to try the same recipes, but the downside of that is I’m not always drawn to perfectly good cookbooks Myrna likes, and she sometimes struggles to find something challenging for her to make from books I like.  
So we’re going to mix it up this year.  We’ll still give the source of the recipes we use, if we have one, and we hope you’ll still want to cook and bake along with us.

This will be our last Saturday post for awhile.  See you tomorrow for Sunday in Iowa.


  1. I enjoy this blog so much-looking forward to your posts this year!

  2. Nice that you'll take the weekend off! Love your Sunday posts! Maybe you can do something like that for Sat? I'll be making my Hoppin' John recipe today for lunch--a few days late this year. My husband doesn't like it. Made your Deviled Swiss Steak for NY. Enjoy your weekends!

  3. Thanks so much for all your recipes last year. I copied some and they are always big hits whenever I serve them.

  4. Love your blog, but can't blame you for wanting a day off! The Sunday in Iowa is always so beautiful. Thank you both for all you do.


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