Sunday in Iowa

This unusual  very large barn is between Pulaski and Bloomfield on Iowa Highway 2


  1. Beautiful. And in such good shape still. I'll bet the two right-hand sections were an addition, don't you think?

  2. Oh, oh! I can't seem to locate Mom's Chocolate Frosted Cookies in your listings to find the convo about the chocolate pcs. I think you'd said the new, flatter chocolate is each pc the same as the older, thicker kind was. Help! I was going to make these today.

  3. found the info online 1 sq = 1 oz, so 4 smaller pcs to an oz in the new pkging. Wonder why they chanded it? ...for different recipes I suppose.

  4. Wondering where my comment about the barns disappeared to?!

  5. Nadine, Not sure where the comment went to, could you repost it? Can you get it touch with the blogger site and ask about why your comments are not coming through.

  6. Interesting barn. I love old barns. Have never seen one like this b/4. Thanks!

  7. Myrna: What's the blogger site & link to check with them.

    1. Nadine, Try
      However, we have to approve any comments before they will appear on the blog; because of spam and advertising in a number of comments. If blogger thinks a comment is spam, they will put it there automatically also.
      So, comments won't appear on the blog until one of us approves them. We aren't online all the time, so sometimes, especially on Sunday, there will be a lag of several hours.
      We do enjoy your comments, however. Thanks for hanging in with us.

  8. goes to a sign-in page for gmail.


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