Make it Yourself - Meringue Shells

Before Baking
Meringue isn't just a pie topping.
  • This is a good basic recipe. Pick a cool dry day to bake meringues. They will be sticky otherwise. They are not difficult to make, but take some time, preparing and baking and cooling. So plan to do these when you are going to be home. The baking and cooling times vary with the recipe you are using. 
  •  Beat the eggs till frothy before adding the cream of tartar. And then beat to soft peaks before adding the sugar, also be sure that the sugar is dissolved in the egg whites to prevent weeping when cool. 
  •   Make them the size you want, the time is about the same either way, large or small and keep in mind that you are drying not really baking them. 
  •   They can be filled with about anything you wish. I used homemade lemon curd. They are also a gluten free dessert. Try them with your favorite cooked pie filling. Banana Cream maybe?

Swiss Meringue Shells
8 servings (I made them into 6)
3 egg whites (save the yolks for your cooked filling)
½ teaspoon vanilla extract (can be varied. For gluten free check label)
¼ teaspoon cream of tartar
¾ cup sugar
  Place egg whites in a small mixing bowl. Let stand at room temperature for at least 30 minutes, Beat with electric mixer and whip attachment till frothy, add cream of tartar. Beat till soft peaks start to form. Add the sugar gradually making sure it all dissolves. 
Beat on high till stiff peaks form (not till dry)
  Drop mounds onto parchment lined baking sheet. Shape into cups with the back of a spoon (I find my small offset spatula works better. Bake at 225° for 1 ½ hours or until set and dry. Leave in oven until oven is cool. They need the time to cool down slowly.
  Fill with your favorite filling. If doing these for a gluten free dessert, be sure what you are filling them with is also gluten free. 

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