Rice Krispie Chicken - Gluten Free Too!

 This is a combination of chicken recipes to find a breading
that would be crisp and still gluten free. I pounded the chicken breasts to a ¼ inch thick (next time I will go ⅛ inch thick) and breaded them with Gluten Free Rice Krispies pulsed in the small food processor. With thin cutlet style chicken you can brown it and bake it in under fifteen minutes. With warm dinner rolls and a small salad we had a easy supper and little cleanup. While the chicken was in the oven and the rolls were warming, I did up the few dishes from browning the chicken. This worked out quite well and everyone enjoyed it. Use your favorite spice combination, I used thyme as I picked it from my pot and salt and pepper. Poultry seasoning would be good also.
Rice Krispie Chicken
1 boneless skinless chicken breast (or 2 small thighs)
3 cups crushed rice krispies (regular or gluten free)
Buttermilk to cover chicken pieces
Pepper, salt and thyme to taste
 Cut chicken breast in four pieces lengthwise. Pound with flat side of meat mallet to ⅛ inch thick. Put in shallow plate and cover with buttermilk. Refrigerate for at least one hour or overnight. Meanwhile pulse rice krispies in food processor till coarse crumbs. Add the seasonings and mix together.
 Remove chicken from buttermilk, shake off excess and dip in crumbs. Brown in hot oil over medium heat for 2 minutes on each side. Place on a sheet pan covered with foil or parchment paper. Brown any remaining pieces. Bake in 400° for 8 minutes turning once if desired. 


  1. Well I guess rice chrispies Would make a good dredge...Thanks for the idea!
    Looks good!

  2. They did make a good coating. As I am Celiac I need to find things that work on that diet. These stayed nice and crisp and made a change.

  3. My grandma used to make a Rice Krispie Chicken. It was my favorite for many years!

  4. I had never heard of doing chicken with them, your Grandma was ahead of her time. We thought it made for a good breading also.

  5. Check your labels-- last time I looked at Rice Krispies, they were not gluten free. They contain barley malt.

  6. You are right in that regular Rice Krispies are not gluten free, However, Kelloggs makes a Gluten Free Rice Krispies that our stores all stock. They both stock them right with all of the other cereals.
    I should have been more careful and said that in the post. Thanks for pointing it out.


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