Two Gluten Free Products

 As most of our readers know we do not endorse products for money or allow ads on our pages. That said, I am going to tell you about 2 products for Celiacs that I have recently tried.
 I won’t buy most of the GF products out there as they are way to costly and most of them are not good. I have tried a few of the GF pastas and found them sorely lacking. This week I tried Barilla Gluten Free pasta for the first time. It is excellent, in fact Bettie and Lyle didn’t know they were eating it until I told them. It held up well, one of the problems with most of the GF pasta and tasted good, no after taste. What a great find. It is not too overpriced and pasta salads, casseroles and spaghetti dinners are something I had given up on eating. I will now keep this on hand for when I feel a craving for pasta. 
 The second product I tried is Gluten Free Corn dogs. I spotted the box made by Foster  Farms in the freezer section of our Fareway store and since it is Summer and Fair Time I just had to give them a try.
 This was always my treat when we went to the Fair. Once again, these are a winner. At sixty cents more for a dozen I felt they were in the category of a product one could buy for a family. Bettie and I both liked them, Lyle doesn’t like any type of corn dog so didn’t try them. I won’t buy them often, but for a treat I sure will. If I had a child or teenager with Celiac I sure would keep them on hand. 
 If you need to buy Gluten Free products for any reason, you might want to give these two products a try. I find that buying GF products made by a major food company and available in most grocery stores is the way to go. Also they tend to be cheaper and priced more in line with their regular products.

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