Holiday Entertaining...Meat and Cheese Trays

 Holidays bring Office and Work party time. If you need to bring something for your share or for a party at any time, meat platters, cheese platters as well as the relish trays are a good way to go. Even the fellows can make a meat tray. Stores charge you for making up a meat platter above the cost of the lunch meat. If your favorite store has a meat and deli counter buy a few slices of your favorite meat slices, (shaved does not work as well here) and arrange on a tray. Cover it with plastic wrap and refrigerate it and it will keep till you are ready to take it to work or use for the gang that came over to watch the game on TV.   Add a tray of cheese slices, some crackers and olives and pickles and you are ready to go. Popped corn and potato chips and dip are also a option but they do tend to leave more of a mess. My family thinks that deviled eggs are a must, but you don't have to.
 Our office parties when I was working left the rolls, chips, and that type of contribution to the fellows to bring. Several of them would do their own cheese and meat trays. 

 It really makes a easy way to entertain the bunch that came over to watch the game, served with your favorite beverages. Put out a bowl of ice to put in the drinks or set the cans or bottles in a bowl of ice to keep cool. Be sure to put out a trash receptacle to put the trash in; saves on cleanup later.

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