Macaroni and Powdered Cheese

If you see powdered cheese in the bulk food stores, like The Dutchman’s in Cantril, Iowa, or Stringtown Market north of Kalona, Iowa, here’s how to use it to make your own macaroni and cheese in a hurry.  I shared this with Myrna, and they liked it at their house too.  
What’s really nice is that you can choose your own shape of pasta to use; my husband likes larger elbows than what you get in those “blue boxes” and at Myrna’s they like smaller “three-minute” pasta.                     

                  Macaroni and Powdered Cheese
4 Servings
                        Smaller Servings
  6        ounces  Elbow Macaroni
  1 ½    ounces  Powdered Cheese -- about 6 tablespoons
  4        tablespoons  Butter
  3        tablespoons  Skim Milk
                        Larger Servings
  8        ounces  Elbow Macaroni
  2        ounces  Powdered Cheese -- 1/2 cup
  6        tablespoons  Butter
  4        tablespoons  Milk
                        Side Dish Servings
  4        ounces  Elbow Macaroni
  1        ounce  Powdered Cheese -- about 1/4 cup
  3        tablespoons  Butter
  2        tablespoons  Milk

Cook macaroni 8 minutes, or as package directs for the kind you are using.  Drain, do not rinse.

Melt butter in same pan.  Combine butter, milk and cheese; mix well.  Add drained macaroni, stir.  Reheat if necessary.

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  1. Thank you! I've wondered about how to DIY blue box mac n cheese! Now I just have to locate powdered cheese around here. I live in south central Arizona, and there's nary an Amish grocer around. The only place I've noticed powdered cheese online is the King Arthur Flour website and it is too expensive there for me to justify ordering. I suppose I shall google it and see what turns up. Thanks for the recipe!


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