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I purchased my cookbook, Deseret Recipes, from the LDS online store for $6.50!  The price appeared to have increased to $8.99 - still a great bargain - today I could only find it as a used book!
Neither of us are LDS, but I had seen a few recipes from this book and thought it might be a fit for us.  The description says “This is a compilation of economical recipes that use basic food commodities, such as those in bishops’ storehouses. It also contains a food guide to help Relief Society presidents figure quantities of food for needy families.”
I have to say, the book is much more.  It’s been published since 1981, and includes 222 pages of simple recipes that are both surprisingly sophisticated and excellent.  If you want a simple cookbook that makes good use of basic foods and garden produce, this is it.  It has menu ideas, and recipes for beverages, soups and salads, breads, fruits and vegetables, entrees, desserts and cookies and cakes.  There is also a chapter on homemade mixes and recipes to make from them with lots of use-it-up variations.  I like the vegetable buying and preparation guide that indicates the best season for buying vegetables too - it's near the center of the book.

The book suggests using love and imagination to prepare meals for your family - I like that reminder that cooking doesn't have to be just a chore.  Here are some recipes from Deseret Recipes.

Chinese Fried Rice  

Kidney Bean Bowl  (a favorite of Sue's family)

Madsen's Dressing

Sponge Cake

Chicken Rice Casserole

Beet Pickles

Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies

Lemon Cups (Myrna's favorite from this book)

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  1. Our favorite recipe hands down is the lemon cups
    Really good!


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