Cookbook Reviews...Land O Lakes 75th Anniversary

  This cookbook is one I use a lot. I really like the Land O Lakes cookbooks and this one, Land O Lakes 75th Anniversary paperback issue is one that everyone will find something in to fix. Issued in 1996 it updated some of their favorite recipes and that is something I like. 
  I really would like to recommend that if you see a copy of a Land O Lakes cookbook regardless of what edition, that you look at it closely and maybe purchase it for yourself. I have found them at book sales, but they tend to go fast.
  Maybe, the fact that we are transplanted Minnesotans makes us fond of these cookbooks, though I like to think that it is just that they have such good recipes and not a lot of them call for mixes. If they do, they are usually from a mix that they have a recipe for and not store bought mixes.

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