Cookbook Reviews...Ducan Hines Holiday Spectacular

  When I bake cakes, I often use a cake mix, and go from that.  I will make an exception in that sponge type cakes are better from scratch. Cake mixes can be a great time saver for the busy Mom or anyone needing a desert in a hurry.
 The Duncan Hines cook booklet, Best Recipes Duncan Hines Holiday Spectacular has recipes that use cake mixes as the base. Published in 1991, it has several good recipes and I would really recommend that you use Duncan Hines mixes when using any of these recipes. The Duncan Hines cake mixes are a little different in texture from most of the other mixes out there, and I think while another brand might work, it might not be quite what the recipe calls for.
 I would recommend this little cookbook to all of you, who are busy and may not have the time or inclination to do cakes by hand. There are a variety of types of cakes not limited to just the Holidays.

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