Old Fashioned 5 Cup Salad

This is the most simple of all creamy fruit salads…5 cup salad.  It couldn’t be easier…just mix and chill.  There are a lot of variations; you may want to try them all, but this simple recipe is really just about perfect – not too sweet.  It can serve as both a salad and dessert.  It’s always a hit at any kind of “bring-along” meal – there are fans of all ages.    It's a great salad for holiday get-togethers.                  
                        Old Fashioned 5 Cup Salad
  1                cup  mandarin oranges -- (11 ounce can) drained
  1                cup  crushed pineapple -- (8 ounce can) drained (or chunks)
  1                cup  mini marshmallows
  1                cup  sweetened coconut
  1                cup  sour cream
Combine all ingredients in a bowl and mix well. Cover and refrigerate for several hours before serving. Serves about 6, so increase as needed. Garnish individual servings with a sprinkle of pecans, a dollop of whipped cream and a maraschino cherry, if desired.
Variations: If desired, substitute half sour cream with half whipped cream, or Cool Whip to reduce the tartness of the sour cream. Also can substitute a sweetened vanilla, or other flavored yogurt for the sour cream. Lower fat products are fine. For color, shake the coconut with a little food coloring before adding, to make it more seasonal in color; red for Christmas, pink for Easter, or green for St. Patrick's Day. To make it sweeter, stir in some powdered sugar.
6 Cup Salad : Add in 1/2 cup of chopped pecans.
7 Cup Salad : Add in one (8 ounce) container of thawed Cool Whip.
8 Cup Salad : Add in one small jar of well drained maraschino cherries, halved.


  1. Oh, that looks delicious! Thank you, I'll make it tonight. Also uses up some canned fruit I have lingering in the pantry!

  2. It would be good with a little maraschino cherry juice mixed in as well.

  3. Gosh, used to make this years ago. Also good by adding a few cut- up grapes


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