Family Favorites...Braunschweiger Spread

My son made and brought this braunschweiger (or liver sausage) spread or dip to a Christmas party, and it was a big hit.  They used to live in East Dubuque, and he says it is served on every restaurant buffet around there. Bettie has seen it on her country club buffet in this part of Iowa too. 
Now Myrna and I were raised in a predominantly German community and both love braunschweiger, but we hadn’t tried it like this!  Dave made us each a container of it for Christmas, and we loved it and had to have the recipe.  Dave says it does freeze well too, if you can’t use the entire recipe at once.  He has tried a different version and thinks this is still the best one - it was given to him by Joann Pregler - thanks, Joann.
We like the braunschweiger that comes in a larger roll with a yellow wrapper - John Morrell and Hillshire Farms are two brands; there are others in other parts of the country - use your favorite.  Our new favorite is from Frick's...from Missouri.
I’m posting it so you can perhaps make it for your super bowl party; although it would be good anytime.   We ate ours on some crackers, and the next day as sandwich filling on homemade bread with real butter – my absolute favorite – but I think it’s also great on party rye bread slices.                    
                          Braunschweiger Spread
  1              Pound  Braunschweiger
  1              Cup  Cream Cheese (8 oz package)
     3/4       Cup  Real Mayonnaise -- or miracle whip
                  Worcestershire Sauce -- to taste
                  Onion Powder -- to taste
                  Garlic Salt -- to taste
Mix well with an electric mixer.  Add seasonings to taste.  It will be creamy, and then sets up in the refrigerator.

  From Joann Pregler and "Dave" 


  1. There is only one problem with this, It Is addictive! I eat mine on gluten free crackers but have no problem just eating it out of the container.

  2. I have not seen this, and I'm just one state west of you in Omaha NE. I love braunschweiger.
    Braunschweiger just cut into slices and made into a sandwich with mayo and mustard. Mm mm. I'm going to try this spread this weekend. Thanks!

    1. You'll like it! We have recently been able to buy Frick's braunschweiger from Missouri in our local Fareway. It is really great stuff, if you see it you should try it!

    2. If you find the Frick's brand their hams are excellent also.

    3. Yum, love all things braunschweiger. Thanks for this recipe!

  3. Oh My Gosh! I haven't had this since I left Iowa! I am from Dubuque with many of my family still living there. Thank you so much for sharing your corner of Iowa and bringing many memories of home back!

  4. Echoing Paula D's comment! OH MY! I'm also from Dubuque...30 + years in CA and still miss my hometown! I just found your blog today and am planning to be a frequent visitor! This recipe brings back so many Christmas Eve family get together memories. The spread was great on melba toasts too! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Hi Laurie, Welcome to the blog, glad it gave you some good Memories. Spread on Melba toast sounds good.


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