Homemade Summer Sausage

 Homemade Summer Sausage, when I saw this recipe I knew I needed to try it.
I had made some years and years ago but then forgot about it. We all like summer sausage. Sue and I of course, like a German type of sausage as that is what we had growing up. I did make some changes in this recipe and made just a pound to see how we would like it. Well, it was gone in a day so now have to make a larger amount so there is some left. 
 It is easy to make and involves more setting and baking time than hands on time.
I made our rolls the size of our favorite round crackers. Do let it cool completely before slicing so it is nice and firm. I did decide to cut back on the liquid smoke the next time, just because my tasters wanted less of the smoke flavor.
Homemade Summer Sausage 1 Pound
1 pound extra lean ground beef
1 teaspoon Morton’s Tender Quick
1 teaspoon kosher salt (non Iodine)
¾ teaspoon coarsely ground black pepper 
¾ teaspoon to one teaspoon mustard seed
¼ rounded teaspoon garlic salt (we like ours with a little more garlic)
1 teaspoon Liquid Smoke
   Mix all of the ingredients together in a bowl and refrigerate for 24 hours, mixing 4 to 5 times in the 24 hour time period. Remove from bowl and form into one log or 2 short logs.
Place logs on a broiler pan or cooling rack over a aluminum foil lined cookie sheet.
Bake 7 hours hours at 170°F. Cool completely before slicing.
Enjoy with your favorite cheese and crackers. 

 If you decide to make a larger amount you can wrap well and freeze though salted meats keep for awhile without freezing.


  1. Can't seem to find the recipe I used years ago. I like he Private Selection Garlic sausage, but, unfortunately, things like this don't agree with me anymore. :-(

    As kids we ate summer sausage with crackers & peanut butter...and bread & butter pickles! Yum

    And many years ago, when talking with friends from MI, they asked if we also had "winter sausage." lol Perhaps at the time it was a MN snack?! (That was late 60s/early 70s.)

    1. We had it as a sandwich, alone, or with cheese. My Dad and I liked ours fried and I still will fix it for my self that way. Love bread & butter pickles, one of my favorites. As a former MN I don't believe we ever had winter sausage lol.

  2. My favorite way to make a sandwich with venison summer sausage was to make a toasted open-face sandwich in the toaster oven. (Wish I still had one of those!) Good bread spread with mustard, then the sausage on one side and cheese (usually Monterey Jack) on the other. Only takes a few minutes. Delicious sandwich. Haven't had one in years. My hubby has some venison summer sausage in the freezer from a friend, but it has jalapenos in it, so it's not for me.

    Stay warm!

    1. Nadine, that sounds so good, I might try it though with Swiss cheese and a sub for the bread which I can no loger have. It is supposed to warm up this next week. Yea!


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