Fannie Farmer Ham Patties

This recipe is from my 1981 Fannie Farmer Cookbook.  It’s simple and delicious and a perfect way to use the not-so-pretty ends of your holiday ham.    I shaped mine into more, thinner patties, so they cook quickly…I froze the extra patties to cook another day.  A real nice thing about this recipe is that you can freeze your uncooked patties, and cook them from frozen, about 3 minutes on each side if you make 8 patties from this recipe.
I had a large slice of somewhat holey homemade bread I used for the crumbs; I whirled pieces of the bread in my mini-processor, then added the egg, cream and mustard, and poured it over the ham in the mixing bowl and combined lightly.  I pattied them in my hamburger press.  I have also made this with ham loaf mixture from the meat counter at our Fareway store, which is a combination of ham and ground fresh pork.
Our plate looks like Iowa – with mashed potatoes and creamed corn.  We enjoyed it with a cucumber salad and fruit for dessert.                 
Ham Patties
  2             Cups  Ham -- ground, cooked
  1             Large  Egg -- slightly beaten
     1/2      Cup  Bread Crumbs -- freshly made
  1             Tablespoon  Dry Mustard
  3             Tablespoons  Heavy Cream
  2             Tablespoons  Bacon Fat -- or lard or shortening
Mix the ham, egg, crumbs, mustard and cream until combined.  Shape the mixture into four to eight equal patties.  Melt the bacon fat or shortening in a large skillet and sauté the patties until well browned on each side.

The cookbook recommends serving with chilled cucumbers in sugar and vinegar dressing.


  1. Sue, you must've been looking over my shoulder while I was digging around in the freezer yesterday and wondering why in the world I bought such a big ham last Christmas and what I would do to use up the last of what I packed away. We just don't eat ham very well, and it's just the two of us. Hugs to you and Myrna!

    1. Thanks Ilene...hope you like them; we sure do.

  2. I have never heard of ham patties! I will so try this, can't wait, it looks delish!

  3. I made this recipe today and enjoyed it. Thanks for the nice new recipe..... Julie

    1.'s hard to go wrong with the Fannie Farmer cookbooks...this is my go-to recipe for left-over ham. Glad to know you liked it too.


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