Use It Up...Fruit Crisps and Cobblers

Crisps, cobblers and the like are great ways to use excess fruit.  Whether it’s canned, frozen or fresh fruit, these are quick, easy recipes to get back that taste of summer all year round.  You can often combine smaller amounts of fruit to get enough for your recipe, as in two of the following suggestions.


  1. I like the idea of combining fruits and happened to think what an opportunity I missed when I had such a big crop of Santa Rosa plums (tart when cooked!!). I could've combined them with a sweeter fruit, like maybe pineapple, peaches, or pears, and might've been able to use them that way. My sister used to make crisps with a cake mix as the topping, I think she might've cut in some butter and then scattered it on top of the fruit. Seemed like it didn't take very much time to bake, and might be a good way to use some of those cake mixes I've had in the pantry too long.

    1. You should google "cake mix crisp topping"...there are a number of'll probably recognize your sister's recipe from one of the cake mix companies. Sounds like a good way to use those older mixes up.


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