New Potatoes in Cream

I was looking for an easier recipe to make creamed potatoes, without white sauce, that is also gluten-free.  Here it is…from the excellent cookbook Simply Seven".   These are perfect, and so easy to make - just pure farm goodness.   This is the recipe to pair with meats that don’t provide gravy, like ham or sausage.  A green salad or vegetable and you’re good to go.               

New Potatoes in Cream
  1 1/2    pounds  Red or white new potatoes
     1/2    teaspoon  salt
  1 1/2    tablespoons  butter
     3/4    cup  cream
  1 1/2    tablespoons  parsley -- snipped
Peel and dice potatoes in 1/2-3/4" dice.  Cook in water to cover for 10-12 minutes; drain*.
Combine all ingredients, except parsley, in a large skillet (or potato cooking pot).  Cook over low heat, stirring occasionally, until cream is slightly thickened and potatoes are piping hot and tender.  Sprinkle with parsley or chives.
You can use an equal amount of cold, cooked potatoes, being sure they are thoroughly heated.
Adapted from   "Simply Seven" found at several sources, besides our local Amish store.  Try these links:  Amazon or Christian Light Publications

*I save my potato cooking water for bread making.

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