Ham 'n' Egg Pasta Salad

We like pasta salads, old-fashioned ones like this with cooked dressing.  I wanted to use some eggs, and I had ham on hand…perfect for picnics, summer lunches, light suppers, served with crackers, muffins or biscuits or fresh homemade bread, maybe with sliced garden tomatoes.
If you haven’t tried to make your own cooked dressing, this recipe is a perfect reason to…it’s perfectly delicious!  You can add other vegetables to this salad; peas, broccoli or crisp grated carrots come to mind – this recipe is just a classic combination from our childhood.  
Remember to start this the day before you plan to serve it or early in the morning; easy to serve at the last minute or when you aren’t sure when everyone will be ready for your meal.                 

Ham 'n' Egg Pasta Salad
  7           Ounces  Cellentani -- or Elbow Macaroni or Rotini
  2           Tablespoons  Olive Oil -- or salad oil
  2           Tablespoons  Cider Vinegar
  3           ounces  ham -- diced
  3           Large  Eggs, Hard-boiled -- chopped
     1/2    Cup  Celery -- chopped
     1/3    Cup  Onion -- chopped
     3/4    Cup  Cooked Dressing -- or mayonnaise or Miracle Whip
     1/4    Teaspoon  Pepper
Cook macaroni as package directs, rinse and drain.  Combine with the olive oil and cider vinegar and chill 2 hours or overnight.  (You can substitute Italian dressing for the oil and vinegar).
In a large bowl, combine all ingredients; mix well, reserving some egg and ham for garnish.
Cover and chill until serving time; stir before serving and garnish with reserved egg and ham.
Serves 6 as a main dish salad.
To hard-cook eggs, steam for 15 minutes or cover with water in a small saucepan, bring to a boil, cover the pan, remove from heat and let sit 15 minutes.

Using either method, drain, and chill in ice water.  Peel.


  1. I don't believe I've had cooked dressing before. The salad looks good.

    1. Your Grandma probably made cooked dressing...it's really homemade Miricle Whip. It's in most older cookbooks. We love it...delicious! And very quick and easy to make.

  2. Just saw this. No grandmother or other grandparents. The JR stands for The Japanese Redneck with is my private blog. My mother was born in Japan. My father was in the service. So we never knew our Japanese relatives. And his parents died when we were babies.

    So I'm half Japanese and tell everybody I'm half Redneck.


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