Use It Up…Meat Bones and Fat

Bottom left, clockwise:  Beef fat, stock and flour, Gravy, Mushroom Beef Gravy, Sauteed mushrooms in beef fat

When Grandma cooked meat or poultry of any kind, she never threw away the bones, skin, and giblets or fat…she used what she had paid for.  We try to do the same, its simply good economics, good nutrition, and makes your food more delicious too.
We get lard occasionally from my brother-in-law, Don…they have rendered their own or had it rendered by the locker plant.  It’s excellent for cooking and baking…I use lard often.  I don’t buy hydrogenated lard off the shelf at the grocery…we have sourced it from the locker plant or get it from a nearby Amish grocery when Don doesn’t have any to share.  Remember, these fats must be refrigerated and/or frozen for longer storage because they aren’t full of preservatives.
Beef Bones Roasted For Stock
I also save the fat from making beef or poultry stock and use if for frying and gravy making…it makes rich perfect gravy.  We also save any fat from bacon…perfect for cornbread, frying potatoes or cooking vegetables. 
After roasting turkey or chicken both Myrna and I make stock from the bones, giblets and skin.  We use beef bones for stock too…if you roast them first they make rich delicious stock that you simply can’t buy.  You can freeze or can your stock, as well as freeze your meat and poultry fats.
Here are some of our favorite recipes for making the most of your expensive meat and  poultry.
Bones and Giblets


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  1. She was right. You've already paid for it. Keep it and use it.


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