Cookbook Reviews...Perfect Baking Every Time

Perfect Baking Every Time sounds like a great title for a cookbook on baking, doesn’t it? This is another of the small paperback cookbooks sold in grocery and other stores by companies such as Betty Crocker and Pillsbury
 I have a weakness for cookbooks on baking and tend to buy them if they are the small paperback ones for just a few recipes I will use. This one published in 1990 by Betty Crocker had several I have used. 
 A lot of them featured fall fruit such as Apples and pumpkin. The blurb says they are for people who are short of time to bake and that these recipes are foolproof using the best of the harvest and Gold Medal flour.
 I like them because they are from scratch and not a lot of convenience foods.
 The book lists a chart of how to pick a apple for eating and baking. This is always a nice extra. Now there are more types of apples on the market than listed here and some of those listed are hard to buy any more unless you are near a apple orchard.
 We have featured several recipes from this cookbook and encourage you to try one or more. They are for those of us short of time. (which is most of us)

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