Reuben Sandwich Casseroles

 Bettie and I went out to eat with my daughter and some friends at one of our local restaurants, and one of the gals wanted a Rueben sandwich but not the bread, carb counting, not a Celiac like I am. I suggested she order it without bread as I often order sandwiches that way. To our surprise it came in a individual casserole dish. We all thought it was a great idea so I tried it for supper last night.
 I had the oven on so used it though I think you could use your microwave as well just heat till hot and cheese is melted. I will make these often as we all enjoyed them a lot.
Reuben Sandwich Casseroles
 For each casserole dish (I used 10 ounce size):
2 ounces of drained sauerkraut
2 slices of corned beef or pastrami from the Deli
1 large slice of Deli Swiss Cheese
Caraway seed  optional
Thousand Island dressing to add at the table
Rye bread croutons optional
  In each casserole dish layer in order, sauerkraut, sprinkle with caraway seed (Optional), corned beef folded to fit the dish, top with the cheese and bake in 350° oven about 15 minutes or until hot and cheese is melted. Serve with Thousand Island dressing for everyone to add their own. (Both Bettie and I felt it wasn't needed so didn't use any though I like it on a sandwich.)

 Serve with a good sharp dill pickle spear, some potato chips and you have a nice lazy weekend meal.


  1. Such a great idea to serve it in a small casserole dish--don't know why I never thought of it! My usual solution has been to serve it open-faced; a reasonable but not great solution.

    1. Thanks, I was sure glad the restaurant did it so I got the idea to try.

  2. That looks so delicious - pure comfort food. I have a corned beef in the fridge and your recipe has me wanting to bake it now! It is spitting snow here this morning and seems like this would be a great weekend to make your casseroles. Thanks!

    1. No snow here yet, Yay. This sure sounds good for snowy weather though and would be a great way to use up some of that corned beef. Stay warm.

  3. Fabulous idea! I'd definitely have to do the croutons though...I love black rye!

    I make a Reuben Brat Casserole with potatoes instead of bread and brats instead of pastrami or corned beef. Homemade dressing for it. We just had that a few days ago.

    1. Hey Nadine, thanks for the link they look good also. I thought later that you could put a slice of rye bread on top of the cheese and let it toast as the casserole warms up and that might work OK. I don't do the bread, sadly, so eat it without.


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