Do You Remember?

Our Mom, Myrna in our Grandparents yard.....

Do you remember.......
When women actually wore sweater sets and pearls?
When gabardine slacks were sophisticated?
When Adirondack chairs were about the only lawn furniture?
When little children’s clothes were carefully handmade?


  1. Yes to all of the above. Your "Do You Remember" posts bring back such memories. I think I could go on and on about each of those questions! :o)

    1. Gabardine slacks and pearls always remind me of Katherine Hepburn who I have always thought was so elegant.

  2. What a wonderful photo! Your mother had beatuiful hair.
    I miss people dressing up more often. My sister-in-law and I were talking this morning about how we used to get/make new dresses for Easter. During our younger years, we also wore white patent leather shoes, carried a white patent leather "pocketbook" and even wore white gloves!

  3. Oh, yes, we always had a new dress for Easter and while not the new pocketbook there were white gloves, often new shoes and when we were younger a new hat or bonnet. That would be the shoes just for wearing for good, not for everyday.

  4. Yes, the lovely "twinsets" and pearl necklace, worn with a pleated Black Watch tartan skirt;
    a friend's mother wore what we called "toreador pants" with a tight sweater and silver eyeshadow - ever so daring in 1960!
    My mother made all my dresses till I was 12 or so, and some special ones while I was in my teens, and also made attractive dresses for her own mother who was by that time in her 80s. Much of her work was done on a hand-powered Singer machine.
    My father made the painted wooden seat that stood in the shade of the plum-tree, and a little set of chairs and table for me, and some folding wood and canvas chairs and a picnic table.
    Thank you for evoking all these memories!
    [Valerie, NZ]


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