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Sheet pan recipes are so popular, whole books and specialty magazines have been devoted to them.  We agree…when I searched “sheet pan” on our blog I came up with more than 200 entries!
A half sheet with a rack is a real workhorse – for baking, roasting, cooling cookies, frosting (the pan catches the drips) – I have 3 of these sets, each with a plastic cover, and work them hard.  I like the Nordic Ware sheet pans, I can buy just the pans inexpensively at Sam’s Club, and I have purchased extra covers at The Dutchman’s in Cantril, Iowa.  Amazon sells a variety of the Nordic Ware sheet pans and lids HERE.
I use these pans for baking, raising buns and other yeast loaves with the covers, roasting vegetables and meats for stock-making, and spreading out items I want to freeze in a loose pack, like rice, so I can pack them after they are frozen hard.
I also have 3 Nordic Ware quarter sheet pans that are 13x9”; a perfect size for my large toaster oven, and often for whatever else I want to bake or roast.  They hold half a recipe from a large half sheet pan, and I can also buy the plastic covers for them.
I like racks that fit inside my sheet pans, and have 2 for my half sheet pans and 2 for my quarter sheet pans.  They can be used as racks in the pans, for roasting and for drip racks for frosting, and also to cool the contents of the sheet pans or to place the pans on to cool.  I found these racks fit my Nordic Ware half sheet pans and these racks fit my quarter sheet pans. 
My Doughmakers 10x15” jelly roll pan came with a cover – great for bar cookies and jelly rolls, as well as toting assorted cookies to parties, pot lucks and picnics.  I no longer see the covers, but if you find a 10x 15” jelly roll pan with a cover, that’s what I would buy now.  I usually only use this pan for bar cookies and jelly roll recipes that specifically call for this size pan.
Here are some of our favorite recipes that use sheet pans.

Jelly Roll Pans

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  1. We use ours a lot too. Mainly for roasting and baking on parchment.
    Some yummy look recipes.


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