In the Kitchen...A Mandoline or V-Slicer

I don’t know how I got along without a mandoline for years…but I love this Swissmar Börner  V-Slicer.
The company says this set includes a storage caddy with safety clip, V-Slicer body with V-Blade crafted from surgical grade stainless steel, thick/thin plane insert for 2 slice thicknesses, 7mm and 3.5mm inserts for julienne, shred or cube cuts and a safety holder. With non-skid feet the slicing unit rests easily in palm of the hand when in use and a cut-out notch to rest the slicer on the rim of a bowl. Safety holder features steel pins to grip produce securely creating even slices every time. Simply rinse under the tap and air dry in the storage caddy, all the pieces store in the caddy.
I first purchased a much more expensive mandoline that advertised that all its accessories were stored right in the mandolin itself…that’s right…and it was a bear to clean and you had to remove all the extra parts before using it so they didn’t get dirty too.  It was also big and bulky and hard to store!
I used to keep this one on the wall in my kitchen, but since we moved, I don’t have a place there, but it fits neatly in a drawer too.   If I cut carrots or beets, I spray the stained slicer with Pam, and then wash it with soap and water, the Pam takes the stain right off.
Myrna really likes this little OXO hand held  mandoline V-slicer, and at around $15 it’s a steal.  Just hold it over your plate or bowl and get cutting.  It only slices, but does it perfectly.
One purchase I can’t recommend enough with a mandoline of any kind are gloves like these…Kevlar Cut-Resistant Gloves…these are ones used in my husband’s workplace for cutting glass and sharpening blades, etc.  The full rubber palms are excellent, and they can be simply washed by hand or in your washing machine with other items.


  1. We have one and you can do the potato sticks with it too. Those fried crispy are my favorite.

  2. Had one given to me about a year ago and it's still in the box. I just got used to( the ole fashion way) cutting and slicing things up by hand

    1. I had also, but after I made myself try it, I knew that I could never slice things so nice and evenly as it does. If you just have one or two things by hand is fast, but if you want it to be sliced evenly and all the same width it can't be beat. Cucumbers and potatoes and citrus fruit especially.


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