Sunday in Iowa...

This is all that is left at a place my husband's parents once farmed near Webster, Iowa
It was calm and peaceful on this nearly summer day


  1. Upon seeing this picture, before even reading your caption under it, I thought, "How calm and peaceful!" Your photo captures those feelings.

  2. How peaceful and such a beautiful photo. The barn even still looks like it's in pretty good condition and the windmill still standing.
    Which I had that old rustic piece of farm equipment that's there in the weeds; whether it be a disk or whatever it may be.

  3. The farm house is gone? I love them, even before Joann Gaines of Fixer Upper came on the scene!
    There is nothing left of my family's place, Omaha ate it.
    My husband's up in Minnesota is still there, someone else owns it now.
    Seeing this beautiful photo, all the green and summer clouds, I can't wait for summer to ramp up.


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