Sunday in Iowa...

Flamingo Planters
in the square in Pella, Iowa


  1. Ha! These are MUCH better than those ugly plastic pink flamingo lawn ornaments!

  2. Cute! Nice color combo, when the blue/purple petunias fill in, it’ll look like the flamingoes are wading in water!

  3. Very creative! Would love to see it in full bloom! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Wow! I've never seen flamingo planters before--they look amazing! And I love that they're meant to look like they're wading in water--nice catch, Amie Rikke!

  5. Sue, did some business create this display, or is it a municipal project? I would like to learn who created these flamingoes!

    1. The city of Pella, Ia has a parks department: City of Pella Parks department.
      Their parks director might answer an email about them. They have a number of beautiful flower beds there, some 185 beds I believe, many along their main streets and in several nice parks! They are reminiscent of the ones we saw when we lived in Germany.


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