Cookbook Reviews...Farmer’s Market Cook Book

It’s time for a Farmer’s Market Cook Book from Taste of Home.  This supermarket-type booklet from 2011 has 78 recipe cards, each one with a photo.  There are recipes for appetizers, main dishes, grilling, salads, desserts and preserving, all using your garden and orchard produce or finds from your farmer’s market. 
Our farmer’s market is so popular, that even in a smaller town like ours it’s on twice a week.  There are also 2 market stands open most days.  This little booklet gives you some fresh ideas for all that bounty.
Here are a few recipes for you to try...

Tomato Baguette Pizza

Yogurt Fruit Salad

Raspberry Plum Jam


  1. I use to buy these kind of magazines standing in line all the time

    1. I rarely see them anymore. At one time you could count on there being new ones every month and when I couldn't afford a new hardcover cookbook they were nice to have and I always had a supply of new recipes to try. Pillsbury and Betty Crocker and once in awhile Land O Lakes and Duncan Hines would have one. I think most of the major food companies put them out, Jello and Kraft come to mind. I still use recipes from the Jello cook booklets.


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