Do You Remember?

Do you remember…?
When your Grandma and her friends swore by lard pie crusts?
When your mother started using shortening instead - like Crisco and Spry?
When you could buy pie crust mix in a box?  Just add water?
When pie crust sticks went a step farther and meant you only had to roll it out to get it right?
When, in 1963, Pet-Ritz introduced frozen pie crusts right in the pan?
Now, even magazines like "Southern Living" suggest frozen or refrigerated crusts instead of making your own.
They apparently don’t think anyone has “pie crust skills” anymore.
Try Myrna's pie crust or freezer pie crust to make your own - cheaper and much, much better.


  1. Short story: When we were first married (1963), I started making pies with the pie crust sticks. After a few months of these pies, my dear husband said sweetly, "Honey, until you have the time to learn how to make a good pie crust, why don't we just skip pies." I got the hint.

    Fortunately, I did learn how to make a good pie crust and even worked as a pie baker for a restaurant.

  2. My mother always used home rendered lard when it came to making her pies. Me; well I always use Crisco and pies always made from scratch. I'm just not a big fan of the frozen pie crust. Just not the same as homemade.
    Sue, now days so many of these young housewives have no clue on how to make a homemade pie crust
    Have a great weekend.
    We';re actually getting some much needed rain here in Texas.

    1. Sue uses lard and I use Crisco. Guess I don't remember when I bought a prepared pie crust, Years ago there was a deep dish crust in the pan refrigerated that wasn't too bad, Chef something, can't remember the last name, but I don't think they are in business anymore. I think recipes scare young housewives about making pie crust as they make them sound so touchy to make.

  3. I will never be known for my pie crusts. I never mastered the art because I detest the taste. Give me a graham cracker or shortbread crust, or give me nothing! :^)

  4. I tried the sticks when they first came on the market, not real good but maybe not as bad as the Mazola Oil crust recipe was. I do like a good graham cracker crust though and my favorite is with a lemon pie as our Mom did. For many, many years now I make pie crusts from scratch.

  5. I've never yet bought pastry, always make my own. I like knowing what's in it, how it will behave, having the right quantity freshly made.

    1. have to agree with you on making your own, but I usually make more than I need and freeze one crust so I have one if I need it quickly. Better than the refrigerated ones from the store and there when I need it.


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