In the Kitchen...Hand Egg Beater and Whisks

Top row:  3 Roux whisks, Danish dough whisk, OXO egg beater
Bottom row:  French whisk and large balloon whisk
When I first started keeping house, I never even owned a whisk, and I don’t think our mom or grandmother did either.  Times have changed for sure, and I keep several in my tool crock and on my tool rack. 
I also used to have a hand egg-beater, then discarded it because they tarnished and rusted easily, and portable hand mixers became more available and better quality.  Now I have this very nice OXO hand egg beater which I love and use frequently for small mixing jobs…easy to clean, it never rusts.
My favorite whisks are flat whisks also known as a roux whisk; I have several with silicone on the wires in a medium and large size, and they do a great job with gravies and sauces, no more lumps!  The smaller one I use to whip up eggs or small amounts of sauces right in a measuring cup.
Clockwise from top left:  Beating eggs, Making roux, Stirring mushroom gravy,
Making cooked dressing in double boiler, Making lard noodle dough
I don’t have any balloon or French whisks, but Myrna does.  I think electric mixers were made for beating egg whites, and I never, ever would do it with a whisk…just sayin’.
I do have this Danish dough whisk for thick batters; I especially use it for making noodle dough by hand and some quick breads.  It’s very efficient, and works much better than I thought it would.
Some recipes that are made for whisks or egg beaters:


  1. I love kitchen gadgets, so have a little collection of whisks.

  2. I have one of those Danish ones....the nines!

  3. Looks like I need one of those

  4. My mother told me that when she was young (1920s/30s) she would whip egg-white using a knife on a flat plate.
    I haven't tried this myself but have read about it.

    1. Guess I can hardly imagine how hard that could be!


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