In the Kitchen...Apple Wedgers and Peeler/Slicers

If you like any kind of apple desserts, salads, or canning apples, you need a couple of these great tools to speed up your processing chores and make perfect apples wedges and slices. 
This is my super duper apple slicer (they sell them at King Arthur Flour and Williams-Sonoma) that slices either 8 wedges or 16 slices for pie. Most slicers only make 8 wedges.  It makes the job much easier and really works (the plastic center makes the apples go all the way through the slicer).  This is perfect for apple pies and canning apple pie filling, and is much better than any I have previously tried.
We use our Victorio apple peeler-slicer to make processing apple slices quick, and to get even slices.  We love this apple peeler - the suction really works and the peeler does too.  I have found that I use it more than I thought it would.   I purchased this at The Dutchman’s in Cantril, Iowa…they recommended this model, and they are right.  I had concerns about the suction, but it works well…they also make a model that attaches to  the edge of a counter or table.  But we like this model, we set it up on the edge of the sink and let the peels fall right into a newspaper in the sink.
This slicer will peel, core and slice or just peel apples or potatoes, or just core and slice apples without peeling.  It gives you the choice of leaving the peel on or taking it off.  You simply set up the peeling or slicing attachment or both.

Some apple recipes for these tools:

Apple Wedger

Apple Peeler-slicer


  1. I like the one that slices them with more slices.

    1. That's why I like this one...the smaller slices work better for pie filling especially, otherwise they don't get cooked through.


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