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Muffin or cupcake pans are a type of pan every cook should own at least one of. Beside making cupcakes in them, you can bake muffins, breakfast items such as single serving egg dishes, small tarts, etc. They are so versatile and useful that giving them cupboard space will be well worth it.
 Now days you can buy muffin or cupcake pans and they are larger than my older ones. The polished metal ones I have had all of the years I have been married and they do not hold as much in each cup but I do use them for cupcakes as they do not brown the bottoms as much. The larger cup size I use for cornbread muffins, and regular muffins and any special type of breakfast item I want to make.
 Also in this category are the mini muffin pans. They work so well for single bite size items. The most common use I think is for Tassies but I also use them for cheesecakes and canap├ęs. I have made Hush Puppies in them and baked doughnut holes. 

 If you turn the muffin pans upside down you can make single taco bowls over the bottoms or single pie shells (see the Cheesy Vegetable Tarts). There are really a lot of uses for a pan of this type.

Here are a few recipes:

Orange Marmalade Ricotta Cupcakes

Pecan Tassies

Chocolate Pecan Tassies

Individual Cheese Pies

Cheesy Vegetable Tarts

Taco Salad

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  1. Right off hand, I couldn't even tell you just how many muffin / cupcake pans that I have. Lets just say...….several. They work great for making individual meatloaves; freezing oversized ice cubes, pizza bites, taco cups, individual cheesecakes, S'Mores cookie cups.....YUM,use when making stuffed peppers as they sit upright when in the oven,etc.
    They do have many uses. Family gathering; use to put your condiments in.
    I do have one in my desk drawer that holds my thumbtacks, paper clips, etc.
    Now turn your muffin / cupcake pan upside down and it will hold your taco shells or with your pan upside down, make some cookie 'cups' and bake and they make for cute little ice cream bowl.


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