Mama's Potato Salad

This is the time of year for main dish, make-ahead salads.  This is my favorite recipe for potato salad.
There is nothing “gourmet” about this potato salad. It is just a delicious, simple way to serve a main dish salad that depends on good ingredients. It’s a very old and old-fashioned recipe. It’s perfect with just about any picnic or porch meal.
We like a mayonnaise that doesn’t have sugar and has mustard, like Mrs. Clark’s (which says "Gluten free" on the label) or Duke’s, and farm fresh eggs are perfect.  What makes this unique is mixing the cooked egg yolks with the mayonnaise.  I like to steam both my eggs and potatoes.  You can also use home canned potatoes, just rinse and use.
Steamed Eggs
Vegetable Preparation Times

Mama's Potato Salad
3 pounds potatoes
6 medium eggs -- hard cooked (save 2 or 3 slices or wedges for garnishing)
1 medium onion -- chopped
1 1/2 stalks celery--chopped
½ cup mayonnaise or Miracle Whip (if you must)
½ cup Heavy Cream -- (or sour cream)
3 tablespoons vinegar (we use cider)
2 tablespoons mustard, prepared (the bright yellow kind)
¼ cup sugar
1 teaspoon salt
dash paprika on top
1. Cook potatoes until just done, drain and cool. Peel and cut into chunks.
2. Separate egg yolks from whites, chop whites and add to potatoes with onion.
3. In small bowl, mash yolks, stir in mayonnaise, heavy or sour cream, vinegar, mustard, sugar and salt. Pour over potatoes and toss well.
4. Spoon into serving bowl and chill. Garnish with paprika and a couple egg slices or wedges.
Cost 2019: $1.95 or 25¢ per serving.        8 servings

Here are the amounts of ingredients I use for 2 servings:

6          ounces  potatoes  
  1         hard-cooked egg
  1         tablespoon  onion -- finely chopped
  1         tablespoon celery, diced
  1         tablespoon  mayonnaise
  1         tablespoon  heavy cream
  1  1/2  teaspoon  white vinegar
  1         teaspoon  prepared mustard
  2         teaspoons  sugar
     1/8   teaspoon  salt
    1/16  teaspoon  pepper


  1. Looks good. My husband is really ticky about potato salad. He will only eat it with mayo, mustard and eggs mixed in it. Won't touch it if there is anything else in there.

  2. Sounds good. These days with just the two of us it is easier to just buy it at the deli:)

  3. Oh, that looks heavenly! Potato salad with eggs and mustard is absolutely the best! I tend to buy mine as well, because I'm the only one in the house who eats it--and I would plow through 8 servings like it was my job. It's especially good with little ham cubes and peas added.

  4. I make this recipe for just my husband and myself as well as for taking to pot lucks...I added the amounts I usually use for those of you who don't want to cook a large recipe. It's worth making!

  5. Ooh! Thank you for the smaller-sized recipe, Sue! Now I can treat myself--safely! :^)

  6. This is very much like my mother made. Of course she never measured anything but eyeballed it, so I never had an exact recipe. I don't think she ever added cream but maybe a little milk, and not as much sugar as my dad was diabetic. When I make it I often add Ranch dressing to the mayo and use Stevia instead of sugar for myself, sugar if taking to a potluck. I have bought a small container in the deli section when I am hungry for potato salad, and buy the one that is labeled Amish, or Mustard Potato Salad as that is the closest to this one. My mom also would make it with leftover mashed potatoes and equally delicious. Thanks for posting your recipe. I now have amounts to go by. ;o)


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