Christmas Cookie Tools...and some recipes

Some of Myrna and Amy's Cutters  
The very first Christmas gift I picked out by myself and paid for with my own money for our Mom was a red plastic gingerbread man cookie cutter like the one on top.  Our mom made LOTS of Christmas cookies and I just knew she would love this kind of cookie cutter that was new that year!  And of course I would enjoy both helping make and eat more cookies.  I did buy her a tiny bottle of Evening in Paris cologne too that the clerk thought would be great.
Myrna’s daughter Amy still has some of those red plastic cutters that were Myrna’s, and the very old cutters that belonged to our grandmother.  She brought them over today so I could take their photo.They have been well used by several generations of Moms, Grandmas and kids.
My grandchildren and I have made spritz cookies together…fun to press out in different shapes and sprinkle with colored sugar.  My grandson Josh and I were both a little sick from eating more dough than we should have while making those cookies one afternoon.
Sue's Cookie Tool Box  
To keep those favorite cookie cutters intact and easy to find, I keep mine in a plastic covered box on a top cabinet shelf.  A shoe box works just as well, and a nice project for grade school kids is decorating that shoe box with Christmas wrap so it’s easy to find.  (The old cookie cutters in the box are also from our mom and grandma…my share!)

Myrna recommends these cookie baking tips from Betty Crocker -  Tips HERE

Try a couple of our favorite Christmas cookie recipes:


  1. The little ginger man cookie cutter is adorable but that nativity cookie cutter set really caught my eye...……...Totally Awesome. I am a big collector of nativity sets; large or small, doesn't matter, so immediately fell in love with that cookie cutter set. That is so cool.
    I also have several cutters with the knobs on top along with many other vintage cutters.
    My top 4 ft long shelf in my pantry is stacked with clear containers (4 containers high) all the way up to the ceiling; All labeled on the ends so I know which holiday / misc. cutters are in which container. I even have my hubby's mother's Spritz cookie maker.
    Your cookies look delicious Sue. Thank 4 sharing and eat a cookie for me.
    Enjoy the holidays. To you, Myrna and all the rest of your family; Wishing you all a Very Merry & Blessed Christmas and a Happy & Healthy New Years.
    God's Blessings.
    (By the way, we are to be in the upper 60's for next week. No snow for us here.

  2. I have some of these treasures also, which belonged to my mom. Memories of Christmas past...warms the heart.


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