Kitchen Wisdom-Cooking Fats

Pictures are from Sue: Top one is Beef fat she is using to make gravy.   
This is Chicken fat or Schmaltz.  
 I bought New York Strips on sale at our local Fareway store and while I was getting them ready to freeze trimmed off the nice white fat to render down. They weren’t too fatty so I didn’t get a lot but Sue and I save the fat that we skim from soups, frying or roasting chicken or red meat, bacon, pork and treasure it.
 I keep small jars in the fridge and they make wonderful gravy or use to fry potatoes, eggs and pancakes in. You can freeze it if you have a larger amount.
 No added ingredients or preservatives and you can easily save that bacon fat or chicken fat or from that roast for use in your kitchen. Much healthier than many of the cooking oils on the market today and bacon fat is one of my favorites. Try scrambling or frying your eggs with it and you will be surprised how great they taste.
 There are many, many posts on the internet on how to render fats if you have a larger amount. I just mostly save what I cut off of my chop or steak and dice it and let it melt in the same pan I used for the meat. If you want it to be pure white strain it though cheesecloth or paper towels I like the small amount of crispy leavings in mine. You also get to eat the crispy diced pieces that way. French Fries are one of my favorite ways to use this up. So don’t throw that fat away! Saves on your grocery bill and it gives you some great eating.


  1. I think the fat is the best. My crazy husband won't eat any fat if it's on meat.

    1. Too bad he won't, you miss out on a lot of flavor.


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