Small Recipes...Better Homes and Gardens Meals for One or Two

The Better Homes and Gardens Meals for One or Two cookbook is a thin hardcover from 1978.  It has 87 pages or so of recipes (the cover states over 190 recipes) and full-color photos, and about 5 closely packed pages of tips and techniques in the back.
I had a hard time finding recipes I wanted to make…many of them are what I would consider “entertaining guests” type recipes from the 70’s…not something I would want to cook regularly for just one or two people.  They are like many magazine recipes today, they try too hard to be sort of “Faux-gourmet” with 12 to 18 items in the ingredient list, often something I don’t keep in my pantry. 
The best idea for small-scale cooking was the idea of buying a cut of meat, like beef sirloin or boneless pork cut into cubes, each with 3 or 4 recipes that use the cooked meat.   Only problem for me, I didn’t think I wanted to make the recipes, that added 9 or 10 more ingredients, and could think of recipes that I already have I would make with the thawed cooked meat and I often do.  
If recipes like a Sproutburger with bean sprouts and wheat germ added, or lots of fruit sauces or curry sauces on your meat appeal to you, this may be your book.   

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