Small Recipes...Wild Rice with Mushrooms

We love wild rice; our aunt in Minnesota used to send us bags of it for a Christmas gift!  Any recipe using it is sure to be a winner at our house.  This one is from Better Homes and Gardens Meals for One or Two.   I usually keep wild rice that I cook in my instant pot in the freezer in 1 cup portions; so this recipe didn’t take long to get on the table; I thawed my rice in the refrigerator overnight.                  

                   Wild Rice with Mushrooms
     1/4     cup  wild rice
     2/3     cup  cold chicken broth
  1            slice  bacon -- cut up
     1/4     cup  fresh mushrooms -- thinly sliced
  1            tablespoon  green onion -- thinly sliced
                dash  dried thyme
Cook wild rice with broth 40 minutes until rice is tender.
Meanwhile, cook bacon until partially cooked.  Add mushrooms, onion and thyme.  Continue cooking till bacon is crisp and mushrooms are tender.  Drain off fat.  Add vegetables to cooked rice; salt gently.  Season to taste with salt and pepper.

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  1. I like it too. Haven't bought it in a while. Need to look for some.


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