Saturday Thoughts...Pan Fried Steak

Quick and Easy For One 
 Recently our local Fareway Store had New York Strip steaks on sale at $3.99 for 8 ounces I bought ten of them , cut them in 4 ounce pieces and that makes them very affordable. Freeze and take out the night before though they thaw fast in that weight if you forget or change your mind before fixing a meal.
 Sue and I got to talking about how we fixed them without using an outdoor grill. 
 Since I haven’t used one in many, many years I pan fry (grill) mine. The time will depend on the thickness and how rare you like your steak so you might have to try it for a few times before it is to your taste. I like mine just a little rare with the inside at least pink. If you like very rare I would leave them just a little frozen before starting.
 Be sure your frying pan is hot before putting the steak in. In the one in the photo I did it 2 minutes on each side. You want to oil the steak not the pan, that way the seasoning stays on the steak. 
 This is great for a person cooking for one. Bake a potato, fix a small salad, and just before you are ready to eat sear that steak and you are ready to go.
 No recipe as such, just directions.
Pan Fried Steak
 Bring steak to room temperature while your potato is baking and you are making salad.
 Oil steak and sprinkle with your seasonings,(I use salt and pepper and once in awhile
some steak seasoning.) 
 Heat pan to hot, a drop of water will bounce in pan. Add the steak using a tongs so you don’t pierce holes in the meat. Two to Three minutes on each side. Remove from pan to warm plate, pour drippings over steak and let set covered for a few minutes.
Slice against the grain.


  1. My favorite way to cook steak.

  2. My husband usually grills steaks in the summer. But over the winter I like to fix steak occasionally and have not perfected the art of frying steaks. This looks like a great recipe that I look forward to trying!

  3. For me; I much prefer a hamburger than I would a steak. I'm not really a fan of steak; except maybe for a hamburger steak and then it has to be well done on the inside.

    1. Colleen, To each his own, lol, I like mine rare and my daughter likes hers done (no red). I do like a good hamburger though I can't have the bun so they aren't as good.


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