Saturday Thoughts...Danish Dough Whisk

Clockwise - Top left: Danish dough whisk, Noodle dough,
Ham Pattie Mixture, Muffin batter   

When I was making ham patties for the freezer this morning, I was using my Danish dough whisk to quickly mix the ham loaf without overworking it, when my husband walked in and said “How long have you had that, I haven’t seen it before”, talking about the whisk.
I explained I’d had the whisk for probably 10 years, and raved about how easy it is to mix meatloaf mixtures and stiff homemade noodle dough or quick bread batter without overmixing.  I originally bought it for making yeast bread, but I find I still use my stand mixer or processor for that.  But it’s perfect for those other jobs around the kitchen, fast and efficient. 
I’ll probably never have to buy another, it’s very sturdy.  You can buy several handle lengths, but I like this one that has a handle about 8” long and an overall length of 11 5/8 inches.  You can buy them online, and even at Walmart for less than $15 with a birch handle.  If you want to be deluxe, you can buy a walnut-handled one for 2X as much from Williams Sonoma. There are also metal-handled ones out there for folks who want to put everything in the dishwasher.
Here are a few favorite recipes I use my Danish dough whisk for:


  1. Have one, use it often, love it!

  2. I have often considered purchasing one of these. I saw them at Lehmans, and at the time I thought they were pricey. I wonder if I'll use it or if it will be clutter. Thank you for the review.

    1. If you make many meatloaf, ham loaf or salmon loaf mixtures or meatball or patty recipes, or quick breads it's a real time saver and is the right tool for the job.
      If you don't do much scratch cooking you might not want to give one drawer space. I used mine for our Sunday lunch today...meatloaf with baked potatoes and garden tomatoes and cucumbers!

  3. Oh, how neat. I have to go look at one now. Your meals look so good. I'm going to check out your ham recipe too. :)

  4. I been on the fence about pickinh up one of these .This is the second unsolicited review I have read .So I'll be picking one up soon .


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