Holiday Favorites...Tiger Butter

This holiday favorite was contributed to the cook booklet "Midwest Power Holiday 1993" by Dixie Hurst of Oskaloosa, Iowa.  It’s sure a simple, quick treat to take to that last minute work party or holiday get-together.  Melting candy bark and chocolate chips can be a little tricky.  Remember, when melting chocolate or baking bars, keep the mixture away from even a drop of water, and don't use oil or butter in the mixture, only shortening.  Don't overcook, as it will seize up and get grainy.  Less is more, in this case – less heat, that is.  A larger bowl helps it melt faster.  This is less expensive when you can buy the ingredients with holiday coupons or sales.  Keep the ingredients in a cool, dry place.

                               Tiger Butter
  1        pound  White Baking Bar -- Almond Bark (or good white chocolate chips)
  12      fluid ounces  Peanut Butter
  12      ounces  Semisweet Chocolate Chips
  1        Tablespoon  Shortening -- optional
Melt baking bar and peanut butter following baking bar package instructions. (In microwave try 1 minute, then 15 second intervals, mixing well each time.  It took mine 1 minute 30 seconds.  If it has a few small lumps, you can let it set 15 seconds or so and then stir well.)  Don't overheat, it will seize up.  Spread on lined jelly roll pan. (Try it on Silpat on 1/2 sheet pan or parchment or waxed paper.)
Melt chocolate chips (I added 1 tablespoon of shortening - don't use anything else) and spread over bark mixture layer, swirl to get tiger markings.
Chill and break or cut into pieces.  (Make the pieces fairly small - this is rich).


  1. I like white chocolate and peanut butter. I don't know if almond bark is considered white chocolate.
    A pretty dessert.

  2. You can use good white chocolate chips instead of almond bark.

  3. Looks so easy I think a person could make this in their sleep.
    I have used the Vanilla Almond Bark (found in baking isle) and also have used the Wilton candy disks, which comes in several different colors.
    There is also an item called CandiQuik of which you Melt & make in it's own microwaveable tray. (what I use most often when it comes to using white chocolate. Stuff is great for dipping strawberries or other fruit in. (my Christmas tray this year; variety of fruit dipped in white chocolate drizzled with dark chocolate.


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