Baking with Baking Soda...Cookbook Reviews

You may not even notice that some of your favorite cookie or scratch cake or quick bread recipes use baking soda…here are a couple of downloadable cook booklets that give some of the most treasured and famous recipes made using baking soda.

All Time Baking Soda Favorites: Treasured Recipes Modernized For Easy Baking     (Download)
1995…16 pages
Arm and Hammer says they offered recipe booklets until the 1950’s.  After that time they felt that there was a decline in home baking and they quit promoting recipes using baking soda.
But people kept asking them for copies of the recipes they had treasured and could no longer find; so, 135 years after their first baking booklet they decided to reprint their most popular baking soda recipes in 1995.
Baking soda causes baked goods to rise by releasing carbon dioxide gas, the same gas found in soda water and ginger ale.  To release this carbon dioxide gas, baking soda must be used with an acid ingredient.  Most of the recipes in the book use buttermilk or other acid ingredients such as applesauce, molasses, lemon juice or chocolate.  They give a recipe for making your own mock buttermilk.
Recipes in the book include cakes, soda biscuits, cookies, quick breads, waffles.  Some of the most classic are Red Devil’s Food Cake, which gets its color from the reaction of soda and chocolate, and sour cream pound cake.

Good Things To Eat [1957]    (View)     
"Baking Soda Recipes for...Cakes, Cookies, Hot Breads, Frostings, Household Hints."
20 pages of recipes that use baking soda as the leavening.
This was one of the last regularly published cook booklets from Arm and Hammer.


  1. I remember my mother had the Good Things to Eat booklet. I made some of those recipes when I was learning my way around the kitchen Mus have been 12 years old or so). Takes me back to fun times with my mommma!!

    1. Those old cookbooks had good and inexpensive recipes! Many cooks, like our grandmother, only had those giveaway cookbooks in their kitchens...I found a whole trove of them in the cabinet above her refrigerator when I was helping her houseclean...wish I'd saved more of them.

  2. I love these old cookbooks. Thank you so much for searching them out and sharing them with us. Your blog is a pure treasure.

  3. I love the graphics on the 1st one. Beautiful picture.

    1. They are good and one of my favorite things with old cookbooks


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