BH&G Great Cooking for Two Review

 Sue recently purchased the 1992 edition cookbook Great Cooking for Two by Better Homes and Gardens. She then passed it on to me and so far I have made three recipes from it. I have several more that I am going to try and so far everyone I have made has turned out very well. 
 The recipes are doable without having to buy ingredients you won’t use again which for a small family is good. Helps keep that grocery bill done. 
 The Special Features Include a section called Eat Two, Freeze Two , Salad Spectacular which has salad dressings for two that can also be used as Marinades for meat or poultry. 
 There are 226 pages of recipes so there a lot to choose from. This is one cookbook I will keep. If you run across a copy at a book sale or thrift shop it is worth buying. Amazon and Barnes and Noble both carry it.


  1. I haven't seen that one, but am always running across cookbooks. Will keep my eyes open for it.

    1. Hope you find one. Stay warm and off of the ice. Our high for the day is -0° Brr 🥶


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