Cookbook Reviews: Creative Cooking for One or Two

I bought this cookbook from the web site and had to wait on it as they didn’t have it in stock. I did put it on a list to be notified when they had a copy.  The food, Creative Cooking for One or Two is a good basic cookbook for someone just starting to cook for themselves or someone needing to downsize because the family is now smaller. There are the usual sections but with the dishes reduced in size for one or two.  The first recipe I tried was for Ground Beef and Vegetable Casserole. It was very good ( I have made it often now) and the serving size was just right. I do find that the newer books are way too generous in what they call a serving size. 
 There are some tips on baking for one and pan sizes for small servings in the introduction which were helpful. I would buy it as a gift for someone with their first apartment either a young woman or a young man who know a little about cooking, or a friend sizing down the amount they need to cook. It really isn’t for beginning cooks though the recipes are graded by difficulty. However for someone who has done even the most basic cooking it works well. 
I'll give a couple recipes I liked on the next Saturday or two.


  1. Hi Myrna,
    Thank you for the book review. I ordered the Kindle version. Looking forward to your recipe reviews.
    Thank you for all you do on this lovely blog. I enjoy it very much!
    Happy Cooking from Oregon

    1. Hope you like it, I have gotten quite a bit of use of it.


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