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I am a collector of yeast bread cookbooks…I was excited to find a couple that I haven’t seen that I wanted to look through, and an old favorite, all that can be either viewed online or downloaded to keep.   All of these are recent enough that they use active dry yeast and newer methods of making bread that I have tried through the years, as I updated my methods from my mother’s cake yeast and 3 rises method of making bread. 
Bake It Easy! 17 Recipes Grandmother Couldn't Bake    (View) 
From 1961, this booklet includes refrigerator-rise doughs, doughs made with the stand mixers of the day, and doughs that are made with both yeast and biscuit mix.  All three methods were exciting innovations at the time, when I was still in school home economics classes.  About 12 pages.
Fleischmann's Bake-It-Easy Yeast Book [1978]  (View)   
This is one of my favorite yeast baking books…I have my original copy. 
It includes recipes for freezer doughs…a timesaver, especially for making ahead for entertaining.
It also has Rapidmix recipes, where the yeast isn’t proofed in water and sugar, but added to the dry ingredients, a real time-saver, and a chapter on no-knead breads!
The food photos are in full color and it also has photos of methods and shaping where its useful.
The Fleischmann Treasury of Yeast Baking: Intriguing Foreign Breads And Rolls   (View)  
From 1962, this book uses Active dry yeast in the recipes; the recipes include Danish, Kringle, Hoska, Jule Kaga and Kugelhupf, Brioche, French Bread, Swedish Almond Buns, and English Muffins in a 12 page booklet with full color illustrations.


  1. My copy of Fleischmann's Bake-It-Easy Yeast Book is one I will never part with! It's held together with a large paper clip and the pages are stained and torn. I made the cool-rise Italian Bread just last week . . . probably for the hundredth time. :o)


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