Saturday Thoughts...Wasting Time

 One of the pros of living alone is also one of the cons about it. If you have as I do, not as much self motivating as you should have, the day can slip away before you know it and nothing gets done that you Really intended to get done. 
 I say this because I have just spent the morning sitting at my computer being distracted from doing what I set out to do and instead looking at web sites, playing games, and in general fooling around with system preferences I should be leaving alone. 
  I, at least today, have some excuse as yesterday I up graded to Big Sur on my Mac (Apple) desktop computer and I had to see what it changed and added RIGHT!, which is really a copout on my part.
  Sometimes we all need someone to crack the whip and say get out of that chair and do something because my other fault is reading and not getting work done. Just way too easy to lose track of the time, stay up late, and sleep in. Spring is trying to come here in Iowa so I keep telling myself that the warm spring days will give me more ambition.
   Excuse me while I go vacuum carpet and sweep the kitchen floor.


  1. This is exactly why I went back to work after my husband died. I was allowed to take more time off, but I started watching way too much TV. I can retire in a couple more years, according to Social Security. I'm not sure I will.

    1. I have been retired for some time so that was not an option for me. I just need to be more self-motivated. 😏


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