Sunday in Iowa...

The Fire Station Museum in Pella, Iowa  
Completely restored, the tower on the right was for hanging fire hose to dry.  There is a small jail cell in one of the back corners and the museum houses an antique fire engine, antique fire-fighting equipment and fire- fighting memorabilia.  Built in 1882  
  Like the rest of the country, we are COLD this morning...the high is expected to maybe get to -2° today.


  1. What a great looking old building.
    I wouldn't want to be the person who would have to climb to he top to change the flag. There is no way you could get me to go up that high. Will keep my feet on the ground thank you very much.
    Everyone stay warm & stay safe & Happy Valentine's Day

  2. Our high is 20 today in North Eastern Utah.


  3. Fantastic photo! Stay warm ladies. Our friend who resides in the Cedar Rapids area stated the high might be -9. Now that's cold....also they're expecting night temps to be -30 or so...auck! Be gone polar vortex! Stay warm ladies!

  4. Lucky you...we're still at -5 at 3 pm...we're ready to get up to the "balmy" twenties after a week or so of subzero temps.


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