Small Recipes...Creamettes Salad for 2

This salad was on the Creamettes macaroni box for years…it was one of our grandmother’s favorites that she made for Sunday night suppers.  I was shocked when it wasn’t on the box anymore sometime in the late ‘60’s!  I hadn’t written it down.  I had to go to the store and look for an older box to get the recipe again.
I like it so much I have been making it for 2 so we can enjoy it on a hot day when I don’t feel like cooking.  I steam my eggs in a covered saucepan 15 minutes, then chill in ice water for easy peeling, while I cook the macaroni in the same pan.  I can do this early in the morning, and don’t have to heat up my kitchen at mealtime.                 
Creamettes Salad for 2
  2        ounces  shell or elbow macaroni  
  2        Large  eggs, hard-boiled 
  2        Tablespoons  celery -- chopped
  2        Tablespoons  onion -- chopped
     ¼     cup  green peas, frozen -- thawed
  1         Ounce  cheddar cheese -- diced
     ½     Tablespoon  cider vinegar
     ½     Tablespoon  Olive Oil
  3-4      tablespoons  Miracle Whip dressing (to taste)
Cook and drain macaroni over peas in strainer to thaw.  In 1/2 quart bowl or 1 quart measuring cup, combine with celery, pickle, and onion.  Pour oil and vinegar over and chill 3-4 hours, covered or overnight.  Add dressing to macaroni mixture and fold in cheese.  Slice or wedge one egg, chop up any end pieces and other egg and add to salad, put 4 nice slices or wedges on top of salad and sprinkle with paprika to serve.
** Can also use rotini.  Italian dressing can be substituted for the vinegar and oil.
Serve with tomato wedges, and whole grain crackers, fresh muffins or breadsticks.  Or serve as Grandma did, with tomatoes, a cold meat and cheese plate and feather rolls with fresh fruit or dessert left from dinner for Sunday supper on the front porch.


  1. I love the vintage recipes! My mother used Cremettes, I can very rarely find it here anymore. :(. This looks good I'll jot it down, thank you.

  2. lol...I should have read this one before I made the macaroni salad I just made. It made a huge bowl and since I'm the only one that eats it, I've had it several times.

  3. I remember this well. Our version had tuna in it and I found the sea island salad recipe in the link above but I know we also put in the cheese, so it must have been a mash up of the two recipes. I am definitely going to make this soon. Also we were recently at the cafe in Sully that you all recommended, great food and really nice people to talk to. Thank you!

    1. Here's a link to Sea Island Salad for Two .
      Glad you enjoyed the Sully's an institution around Iowa. Hope you tried the pie!

  4. I love these smaller recipes. They really help with portion control!


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