Sunday in Iowa...

A farm-style teeter-totter  
In Williamsburg, Iowa  
Notice the extra seat in the center for more fun


  1. I did see that and was wondering about the extra seats.

  2. What Fun. Wish I had one like that when I was younger. Well, I do have the wheels. That is so cool and so unique. With the 3 seats it tells me that they had 3 kids who go be on there all at one time.

  3. Hi,I read your blog every day, thank you! I don’t comment very much…well, hardly at all. The photos you show for Sunday in Iowa are always wonderful. Also enjoyed the 9/11 information and photo. Thank you again for the time and effort you spend!

    1. Thanks! We enjoy sharing the Iowa lifestyle.

  4. That is so cool. I used to own a daycare and I still to this day, love anything having to do with children, toys, outdoor equipment, books, etc.


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