$avings $aturday...October Hot Deals Week 4


On the fourth week of October, the hot deals were too good to just pick one!  Bananas, eggs and sugar were all on sale.  I needed the sugar at a good price to refill my sugar stash after canning Tomato Jam last month.  The "hot deal" ads come out once a month with the best deals each week, still in the mail, although weekly ads are only online now.

The bananas I will use for dessert for a lunch or two, and I’ll save 3 for the banana bread recipe.  I don’t know if I’ll make the filling or just bake the bread and slice it to serve with butter for coffee times or with soup for lunches.  I slice it after refrigerating it overnight and freeze slices divided by double wax paper so I can take out what I want.  The slices thaw quickly, usually by the time my coffee is made.

I always use eggs…for baking and egg recipes.  I think I’ll make this oven omelet again for a lunch at least.  We also like eggs and grits for a Southern style "breakfast for lunch" meal.

Cheese and Mushroom Oven Omelet for Two



  1. All good deals, especially as prices are rising.
    PS-I wanted to ask you, do you have a good frozen dinner roll dough recipe? I didn't have bread/rolls planned out last Sunday, and it would have been great to pull some frozen roll dough out of the freezer...

  2. I haven't found a frozen roll dough recipe I like that well...although I have made up these Feather Rolls into knot shapes, frozen them, let them rise the second time and then baked as usual. I usually use them as refrigerator rolls; all I have to do is shape them the day I want to use them. This is a famous older recipe: Feather Rolls

    1. That does sound like a good recipe-thanks:@)

  3. I like seeing your weekly deals.


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