Small Recipes...Liver and Onions

I have been making this recipe from “Betty Crocker Dinner for Two” since I’ve been married – it comes out perfectly.   I can only buy it locally frozen in packages that serve 4; my husband cuts the package in half for me while still frozen.  Don’t overcook liver, it gets tough as shoe leather – I usually find 10 minutes is enough.
                        Baby Beef Liver and Onions
  2             medium sweet onions -- sliced
     ½         pound  beef liver -- 1/2" slices
                 bacon fat or (lard or shortening)
Peel and slice onions.  Cook in hot bacon fat until golden.  Cover and cook slowly until tender.  Remove to warm plate and keep warm.
Dip the slices of liver in flour.  Brown in hot bacon fat.  Season.  Cook over low heat 10-15 minutes, turning once.  I add a tablespoon or 2 of water before covering.
Serve hot, topped with onions.


  1. Oh, My, I love liver and onions. Hubby, not so much. Shortly after we where married; what he thought was a cold hamburger in the fridge was actually a small check of fried liver and out the back door he went; real quick like.

    Many times I don't have bacon fat so end up browning the liver using lots of butter and smothered with a lot of onion.

  2. I love liver and onions now. I didn't until I met my husband.

  3. I LOVE liver and onions. 2nd Man does not. I've always figured it's just that he hasn't had the right kind, "done well", ha. Might have to try it out sometime. There is cafeteria chain here, Luby's, and they are famous for their liver and onions. It's about the only time I get to have them.

    1. Pleased to hear that Luby's is still in business...we used to eat there when we lived in Houston years ago.

  4. I love liver and onions and grew up cooking them just like you. Love all your parts of your Blog.


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