$avings $aturday...October Week 3 - Using My One "Hot Deal" - Butter

 Here we are on week 3 of October…hot deals at the grocery store were skimpy but I found 2 good coupons for butter, I’ll use them both as the stores are less than a block apart.  I store butter in my big freezer door and replace what I use when I find butter on sale.  I am perfectly satisfied with store brand stick butter for baking and cooking, I buy salted butter as its all-purpose.  I'll put the two I buy into rotation in my freezer and use the oldest pound I have first.

I wanted to use some ham from the freezer for Sunday, make some cookies, and I'll make an easy biscuit side with soup this week.  All of them use butter to advantage.  One of our neighbors gave us some apples, so I didn’t have to buy any for the week.  Click on the recipe title to go to the recipe.


  1. Smart shopping. Those recipes look great.

  2. Wow!! You sure found an amazing price on butter. Here in Canada I have never seen butter come down that far. Our regular prices are always between 3 and 4.50 a pound.

    1. It may be where you are located...this is totally farm country here, and both grocery stores are Midwestern chains. Butter is usually available for around $2.48 for store brand...so far. Grocery prices are rising, milk went up 10¢ a gallon this week. I have a good-sized pantry and a full freezer; I just replace as needed, I don't need to build it up much anymore.


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